Wool Roll Bread

22 April 2021

I’ve spun quite a few yarns but one thing I’ve never done is make a bread that looks like a bunch of rolls of wool yarn. If this looks like it’s going to be super hard and complicated, that’s good-that’s exactly what we want people to think. It’ll be our little secret how simple and easy this technique is. Although it’s great with a dark chocolate filling, this is really a technique recipe and video-this will work with just about any filling you can think of, like dried fruit, jams, custard, or go savory with cheese, meats, etc.

Tiger Bread (Dutch Crunch Rolls)

30 October 2020

It recently came to my attention that outside of San Francisco, these rolls aren’t really well known, which I think is a real shame since this combines a nice, soft, tender white bread roll with a slightly sweet, beautifully crunchy, and gorgeous crust that (depending on how things go) may or may not look like a tiger’s skin.

Spicy Fennel Bread

13 October 2020

The smell of this spicy fennel bread is still lingering in the house making me feel so cozy! A few years ago, a breakfast spot opened up downtown that started making spicy fennel bagels. As an avid everything bagel lover, I was not sure at first but was quickly convinced to give it a try. Oh my goodness, was I happily surprised. The spice given off by the fennel was perfection melted into the bagel. A bit later I moved and craved these bagels so I decided to make my own version, spicy fennel bread.

Scacce Ragusane (Sicilian Stuffed Flatbread)

22 July 2020

This is my first attempt ever at this incredibly unique and delicious Sicilian stuffed flatbread. What we have here is a very familiar pizza-like flavor profile, but the delivery system is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. The outside edges are crispy and crunchy while that saucy and cheesy center is much like a pasta in texture. So, while this is vaguely similar to a lot of things, it’s really unlike anything else.

Whole Wheat Sourdough Pull-Apart Buns with Zucchini

17 July 2020

This has quickly become my favorite bread recipe for my family. Easy and quick to make, these pull-apart buns are soft and delicious. They’re perfect on the side with dinner or all on their own for lunch. Kid-friendly taste and texture, and they’ll never know there’s a whole zucchini in there. Try one fresh-out-of-the-oven warm and spread with butter–delicious! Or allow to cool then store in a plastic bag or container at room temperature for up to 4 days (if they last that long).

Khobz el Dar (Algerian Semolina Bread)

24 June 2020

If you’ve never tasted Algerian bread, then you should definitely give this very easy recipe a try. Known as Khobz el Dar, it requires no kneading, no special techniques, and only basic ingredients. The result is an incredibly soft bread, slightly sweet, that tastes like brioche. Absolutely delicious.

Moroccan Ksra

24 June 2020

This tasty flat bread is usually made to be eaten with tagine, a spiced Moroccan stew.