White Russian ..Because Joe Perry Drank Them!

25 June 2020

I wanted to drink a White Russian after I read that Joe Perry from Aerosmith drank them for breakfast in his wild days! Although I’m not the coffee flavor lover, I tried them and they were good!! Easy to make..perfect for after work…relaxing…listening to Aerosmith!!

Gingerbread Cocktail

19 June 2020

The combination of amaretto, vodka, and Bailey’s Irish Cream® will add joy to your festivities. Enjoy the holidays with this cocktail brimming with the warming spices of the season.

Spiced Pumpkin Cider Martini

19 June 2020

Get your spook on with this spiced pumpkin cider martini! This chilled drink came to life in Arizona, where it is still warm outside during Halloween. It’s an easy-to-make, cool, and refreshing drink with pumpkin flair. Fantastic during all fall festivities!

Low-Carb Keto Moscow Mule

19 June 2020

Love Moscow mules but not the carbs? Try this amazing low-carb and keto version with vodka, lime, and diet ginger beer. From now on, this will be your go-to skinny cocktail recipe.

Zesty Celery Sour

19 June 2020

While attending a mixology class, I learned how to make different simple syrups, including celery-flavored. This in turn lead to playing with different ingredients and alas, the Zesty Celery Sour was born! Don’t be fooled by the celery – it might sound weird, but it surprises everyone that tries it! I developed the recipe using pickled jalapenos, however I have since made it with fresh and it’s equally as tasty. This will make enough simple syrup for several drinks.

Peach Cosmos

19 June 2020

This is my favorite twist on a classic martini! The peach gives the drink the perfect hint of sweetness.