Creamsicle® Cocktail

1 July 2020

In June of 2020 we were still dealing with the Coronavirus ravaging our country and making us pretty much stir-crazy. Luckily in California the lockdown rules were loosening, and my husband and I were able to host some good friends at our home for the weekend.

The weather was heating up and while we were spending the day by the pool (pretending we were at an exotic resort) my friend asked if I could make her a foofie drink. I went inside, took an inventory of my ingredients, and the COVID Creamsicle® cocktail was created.

Vodka Paralyzer

25 June 2020

I have been told that my vodka paralyzers are the best. These are especially yummy topped with a maraschino cherry, but that is by no means necessary. Make sure you add the ingredients in the order listed, or else the milk may curdle.

White Russian ..Because Joe Perry Drank Them!

25 June 2020

I wanted to drink a White Russian after I read that Joe Perry from Aerosmith drank them for breakfast in his wild days! Although I’m not the coffee flavor lover, I tried them and they were good!! Easy to make..perfect for after work…relaxing…listening to Aerosmith!!

Dirty Girl Scout

25 June 2020

This delightful cocktail was a hit at the country club where we had my cousin’s bridal shower. As soon they tasted mine, everyone was up there ordering one from the bartender.

Pineapple Cake Moonshine

19 June 2020

This is a really easy recipe for making moonshine in your electric pressure cooker (Instant Pot┬«). It is super smooth the first night and something all your friends will be requesting. I am not sure how long it keeps, but I’ve kept in in my pantry and taken drinks from it for more than 3 months. But most batches don’t last that long!