Roasted Green Tomato Salsa

28 September 2020

My sister inspired me to make a green salsa similar to how you would make one by roasting tomatillos, but using all green tomatoes instead. This is a tangy and fresh tasting salsa using fresh lime juice and cilantro. Change the peppers and spices to your liking! Serve with tortilla chips or as a topping for chicken or fish.

Simple Smoked Salsa

25 August 2020

This salsa is so easy to throw together on days when you already have the smoker going. Tweak it to your preferred heat level by leaving some or all of the jalapeno seeds in for a spicier salsa! The longer you let the salsa sit, the better it becomes. I like to use hickory wood, but fruit woods also work great.

Spicy, Creamy Corn Salsa

7 July 2020

An easy, quick and delicious recipe that you can make with items you more than likely have. This corn salsa is so versatile that it can be served as a dip or as a cold side dish.

Aji (Colombian Salsa)

19 June 2020

A tangy fresh Colombian-style salsa which can be made delicious either mild or XXX hot! Goes great with grilled meats, empanadas, and tostones, but I put it on everything… even my eggs! There seem to be several variations of this; some watery, some oily, some saucy, some chunky, but my mom is from Barranquilla, Colombia and this is how she makes it.

Belle Adorn Salsa

19 June 2020

As a recipe made for using your garden-fresh vegetables, this canning recipe makes a fabulous salsa. Use this salsa in place of RO*TELĀ® for a cheese dip or added to mashed avocados with lime juice for guacamole or eat it on rice. And of course, it’s used as a dip for tortilla chips or topping on other Mexican dishes.

Ancho-Chipotle Salsa

19 June 2020

A wonderful salsa that uses chipotle and ancho. It adds depth to the overall flavor without overpowering the salsa, making it the perfect snacking salsa as well as a great addition to mexican dishes.

Kim’s Salsa

19 June 2020

This recipe is a favorite of all my friends. Whenever they come over, they want to leave with a jar. Therefore, when I make it I can 14 GALLONS each time. I figure, if I’m gonna spend all day making it, I might as well only do it once a year! I like to serve this salsa with tortillas or use it in cooking. It’s great in scrambled eggs and chili.

Gator Salsa

19 June 2020

This salsa is not for the wimps. I have tried to come up with the best salsa I can, and I think I did!!!