Fresh Garden Tomato Sauce

13 September 2021

I’m showing you how to make a tomato sauce using fresh tomatoes. You’ll often hear me say in these videos that what we’re making is way better than what you can buy at the store and with this, not only is it better, but you literally can’t get this at a store! If you’ve never done this before, I think you’ll be surprised at how simple and easy it is-in fact, the hardest thing will be finding vine-ripened tomatoes.

Tangy Pineapple Marmalade

3 July 2021

The horseradish adds a little tang to offset the sweetness. Stir into pulled pork, add a topping to grilled or roasted chicken, fish, or pork, or stir some into fried rice or BBQ sauce. The sky’s the limit on ways to serve this.

Ramp Sausage Gravy

7 May 2021

This recipe was contributed to Allrecipes by TV host, author, and recipe developer Chadwick Boyd:

Every spring, I go ramp hunting deep in the North Carolina mountains with my buddy Allan. The wild onions love to grow in large patches especially in ravines and around the base of shaded trees. They are more mellow in flavor than scallions, making them wonderful substitutes in scrambled eggs, salads, and pasta. Since their season is so short, between April and early May, I like to make a special version of my sausage gravy to serve with my tall, buttery, Greek yogurt biscuits. Serve spooned over freshly baked biscuits.

Buttermilk Sausage Gravy

24 November 2020

This is my husband’s recipe that was handed down to him by his grandmother. His grandmother stated that you must use Farmer John® sausage and bacon drippings or it would not taste as delicious as hers. It was never written down, just a pinch of this and a handful of that. I finally got him to measure everything and this is the result.

Classic Green Beans Au Gratin

23 November 2020

This classic au gratin recipe is one of my favorites. Perfect next to your holiday ham or turkey, this green bean casserole has a creamy, rich cheese sauce that enhances, but doesn’t cover up, the green beans, so they are still the star of the show. Even though your family’s probably expecting the same old green bean casserole you’ve been making for decades (the one with condensed soup, a ton of cheese, and way too many bread crumbs or French-fried onions), once they try this one, it might become a new holiday trend!

Buttermilk Gravy

19 November 2020

This gravy is a diner classic, often served over biscuits and sausage. But it’s equally good on fried chicken, pork chops, mashed potatoes, country fried steak, and french fries for a hearty meal any time of day.

Roasted Cauliflower “Piccata”

10 November 2020

With chicken piccata being my husband’s favorite main dish and roasted cauliflower being his favorite side dish, I decided to combine the two for a side that can be paired with any grilled or baked meat.

Sweet and Savory Sausage Cornbread Stuffing

10 November 2020

I have been making this dressing, minus the sausage, for over 30 years. This year I tried it with Jimmy Dean® pork sausage. The whole family just loved it. The sausage just took this dressing to another level of deliciousness. This will now be our family’s traditional dressing.