Smoked Pork Chops

8 September 2020

There are pork chops and then there are smoked pork chops. The rub has just the right amount of sweetness and saltiness that complements the smoky flavor perfectly. Oak is my wood of choice for these but feel free to substitute any hard wood chips.

Chicken Cordon Bleu with Dijon Cream Sauce

1 September 2020

Is it actually French? It’s served at every French restaurant here in the States, but I’m pretty sure it’s, like, Swedish. Regardless, it’s breaded cheese and meat – tough to go wrong. Enjoy!

Mini Naan Hawaiian Pizza

26 July 2020

I know there are hardcore Italian pizza eaters out there who vow to never eat a Hawaiian pizza. And although sweet, juicy pineapple and ham may not be traditional pizza, just one time, step outside the box and see what you’re missing. It’s good, really good, and quick and easy!

Peach-Stuffed Pork Chops

15 July 2020

I’m gonna show you my favorite technique for stuffing pork chops, as well as one of my favorite stuffings for pork. Above and beyond producing something that’s visually impressive, we are also flavoring our pork chops from the inside out with this method. So, this is basically a technique video and will work no matter what stuffing you decide to use–although this peach stuffing was absolutely delicious.

Marinated Brined Pork Chops

19 June 2020

This is a recipe for pork loin chops brined in a salt-and-sugar spice marinade. Enhances the flavor, moisture, and tenderness of your chops. I serve these moist and tender chops with chunky applesauce and mashed potatoes for a tasty and easy weekday meal.