Dairy-Free Chocolate Sauce

3 July 2020

This fat-free sauce is the essence of chocolate. Add a spoonful to hot rice milk for a dairy-free cocoa treat.

Mixed Berry Sauce

30 June 2020

Very quick and simple mixed berry sauce. Tastes lovely on most citrus or white cakes, along with waffles, crepes, and griddle cakes.

Blackberry Coulis

19 June 2020

This super easy and versatile no-cook blackberry sauce is sure to become a family favorite. It can be used on cheesecake, ice cream, yogurt, crepes–the possibilities are endless! It’s even delicious in the bottom of a glass topped with champagne! Because the sweetness of blackberries can vary so much, adjust the sugar to suit your tastes.

Baked Rhubarb Sauce

19 June 2020

I can’t believe I didn’t like this as a child! It cooks down to a sweet, tart, spicy sauce that can be eaten alone, mixed with oatmeal, served over ice cream, or to accompany pork. My daughter even spreads it on toast.

Art’s Southern-Style Chocolate Gravy

19 June 2020

Art Stone from Honest Biscuit in Seattle was inspired by his grandmother’s version of this down-home, easy-to-make breakfast staple that’s served over fluffy buttermilk biscuits. Sounds kind of funny if you’ve never tried it before, but one bite and you’ll be hooked.

Fresh Raspberry Sauce

19 June 2020

This stuff is so beautiful and delicious, you and your Valentine may not even need the cake. This will absolutely work even if you use frozen raspberries, but nothing compares to the flavor of the sauce if you can somehow find and use fresh raspberries.

Barb’s Chocolate Sauce

19 June 2020

If you like a sweet chocolate sauce this is for you. It has been used over ice cream, angel food cake, brownies, and spoons! It’s easy to make and stores well in the refrigerator. I usually do a double recipe and store in the refrigerator until we are out. Enjoy.

Vanilla Cream or Sauce

19 June 2020

This is really delicious on its own, but I use it mainly to serve alongside brownies, bread pudding, apple pie, berries, or poached pears. You can either make this as a thicker cream or as a sauce. I love it as a cream for berries, poached pears or brownies and as a sauce over apple pie or bread pudding. Serve chilled over warm or cool desserts or just eat it on its own as a custard.