Marinated Mexican Fish Tacos Slaw

19 June 2020

I love coleslaw but I don’t love the fat and calories from mayonnaise. This slaw is light, fresh, and the perfect topping for fish or shrimp tacos, or it can hold its own as a side dish. Every time I make it I’m asked for the recipe! The Granny Smith apple is the key ingredient that sets this apart from other slaws of this type.

Vincent’s Famous Garlic Coleslaw

19 June 2020

Tired of all the super sweet coleslaw dressings out there? Look no further! Caution – must LOVE garlic!

This is a copycat recipe for the famous garlic coleslaw served at Vincent’s seafood restaurant, a Dallas legend since 1968. Growing up, we had an Easter tradition of dinner at Vincent’s every year. The coleslaw was my dad’s favorite and became mine too! We still go there for Easter but I love being able to recreate this unique recipe at home anytime. Goes great with barbecue ribs, burgers, seafood steam pot, or just as a cool crisp snack. The longer it cures, the better it gets!