Saffron Risotto in the Pressure Cooker

Recipe By FrancescaM
Published 10th Mar 2020
Saffron Risotto in the Pressure Cooker
Prep 5m
Cook 10m
Ready In 25m
Servings 4 servings

In Italy, this is known as ‘risotto alla Milanese,’ ‘risotto giallo,’ or ‘risotto allo zafferano.’ Whatever you call it, it is the king of risottos, the simplest yet best known of all. The traditional preparation requires 20 minutes of stirring and cooking, but I managed to learn how to prepare it in the pressure cooker or an Instant Pot®. I swear, you won’t notice the difference! I have provided further tips for all your pressure cooker risottos in the notes at the end of the recipe.