Easy Vegetarian Pressure Cooker Beans

Recipe By ellakosmo
Published 4th Apr 2019
Easy Vegetarian Pressure Cooker Beans
Prep 15m
Cook 30m
Ready In 8h 45m
Servings 12 servings

Easy, healthy, cheap, environmentally friendly, and delicious, this recipe will feed a hungry family or bachelor for days. After much experimentation, this simple recipe is still the best. These beans are a great base. Add hot sauce and sauteed vegetables for a delicious soup. Add to your favorite burrito or serve any way you like; a meal itself or a perfect side dish. Don’t be shy with salt, good beans are salty.

Use whatever beans you like. My favorite beans for this recipe are black, pinto, and canary beans. Recipe is for 6 quart pressure cooker, so adjust if yours is smaller.