25-Minute Tunisian Vegetable Couscous

Recipe By girlandagun
Published 10th Mar 2020
25-Minute Tunisian Vegetable Couscous
Prep 12m
Cook 13m
Ready In 25m
Servings 6 servings

A perfect summer meal. What I love about this recipe is the practicality: it is both quick to make and can wait for you; there’s no hurry to serve. It’s also a satisfying vegetarian meal that even carnivores love, or if a member of your household prefers meat, a chicken breast poached in water, wine, and paprika and then sliced very thin can be added. I do highly recommend the garnish I devised; it can be made very quickly while the couscous is cooking. Or even if you just zest a navel orange over this dish, the aroma is heavenly and it brings the flavors together. Enjoy!