Date Night Shrimp Francese over Angel Hair Pasta

5 July 2021

This elegant dinner comes together in less than 30 minutes, and is a fabulous dinner to serve for date night at home, or for a dinner party, and even if you’re doing dinner solo it’s still an awesome meal to enjoy – just adjust the ingredient quantities.

Route 66 Chicken Fried Steak Sandwich

3 May 2021

When I moved to Oklahoma from Florida, I learned “Okies” love their chicken fry. In fact, if you ask someone who has ever traveled old Route 66 from Miami (Okies pronounce this My-am-uh) to the town of Texola what’s the worst food you can eat they’ll likely say “chicken fried steak”. The best thing you can eat on Route 66? That would also be chicken fried steak. As contradictory as it may seem it’s true!
I tried to lighten this dish up by air frying, but feel free to grab a cast iron skillet and cook these steaks up too!

Pesto Steak Confit

7 April 2021

A recent video on TikTok purports to make an amazing steak by submerging steak in olive oil, cooking slow, and doing a flash sear at the end. This is my unique twist. I reserved the leftover pesto and tossed with cooked tortellini, and topped with steak..

Confit Olive Oil Steak

29 March 2021

Recently a small cooking video surfaced on TikTok, where the submitter effectively poached a steak in oil in the oven. If you want a steak similar to “steak confit,” this is my version. I served my steak on top a chopped salad.

Sarah’s Wake Up Coffee Drink

23 March 2021

In my vocabulary “daylight saving time” is a curse word, and your (wrong) clock doesn’t change when the sun sets or rises! That said, I cranked up the caffeine to make up for the lost hour during last daylight savings time day. Play around with this drink like the clock, and add Kahlúa® if you want! Plan ahead.

Taco Shredded Beef Sliders

25 January 2021

Assorted toppings like sliced avocado, shredded cheese, crema Mexicana, black olives, and jalapeño elevate this shredded beef to a perfect slider suitable for the big game day.

Instant Pot® Taco Pasta

8 December 2020

Move over Hamburger Helper™, there’s a new player in town and it is just as quick as a boxed meal, but better! I use tomato powder (it’s not as messy as tomato paste, but feel free to use tomato paste). I do not recommend regular sour cream as it tends to curdle. Garnish with additional cheese and crema.

Air Fryer Apple Cider Donut Bites

24 November 2020

These apple cider donut bites have a delightful autumn flavor thanks to the incorporation of apple pie spice and sparkling apple cider. Plan ahead as it requires a silicone mold, which can be bought from Amazon. I got a total of 21 bites, your serving size may vary.