Pork Tenderloin Sandwich

29 May 2021

A classic sandwich in the Midwest, particularly popular in Iowa and Indiana, but there are regional variations throughout the entire United STates. I’ve always thought of this as a German schnitzel on a sandwich. It’s crispy and crunchy… tender deliciousness!

Air Fryer Balsamic-Glazed Chicken Wings

16 May 2021

Put a big stack of napkins on the table because once you start eating these crispy, sticky, sweet glazed chicken wings, you won’t want to stop. This can be an appetizer for four or main course for two.

Stir-Fried Taiwanese Cabbage

16 May 2021

Taiwanese cabbage is sweeter and more tender than normal white cabbage and cooks very quickly. It’s the perfect side dish for so many entrees, and not just Asian.

Ginger-Scallion Ramen Noodles

16 May 2021

This quick, easy, and budget-friendly dish will bring some well-deserved respect to humble ramen. Feel free to add shrimp or leftover chicken, if desired. This will serve 6 as a side dish or 4 as a main course. Garnish with additional sliced scallions or chopped peanuts, if desired.

Instant Pot® Wild Rice with Mushrooms

16 May 2021

Pressure cooking rice enriches and intensifies the flavor of the stock and herbs. Wild rice is firm on the outside, soft in the middle, and its texture blends nicely with softer brown rice. This is a tasty side dish for chicken, turkey, pork, and fish.

Ground Beef Lo Mein

16 May 2021

This is an easy, budget-friendly stir-fry meal. You can make the sauce in advance and refrigerate, which makes this even more suitable for a quick weeknight dinner. Feel free to customize the choice of veggies to your liking; this is just a combo that we enjoy.

Air Fryer Fried Green Tomatoes

16 May 2021

Fried green tomatoes are about as southern as you can get, comfort food at its best. An air fryer will allow you to put a healthier, but still totally delicious, version on the table.

Key Lime Pie Mini Dessert

16 May 2021

This dessert is light, refreshing, a little tangy, and a little sweet. It has the luscious taste of key lime pie with the lovely presentation of a parfait. Everybody has room for a mini dessert, and they’re the perfect end to a holiday party or even a sweet finish to a game day get-together. Garnish with whipped cream, grated lime zest, and leftover graham cracker crumbs.

Sugar-Free Date Cookies

16 May 2021

Enjoy the natural sweetness from the dates, the crunch from the pecans, the moisture from the banana, and the satisfaction that you’re serving your family a healthier cookie.