Czech Crepes

19 June 2020

A Czech interpretation of the crepe. Slightly thicker than a French-style crepe, so they tend to be a little more filling. My family occasionally had these for ‘brinner’ (breakfast-for-dinner), but they make a great dessert too. In Czech, these are called ‘palacinky.’

Schnitzel Sandwich

10 July 2019

An homage to my time spent in Austria. Something you might find on a snack cart on the street in Austria or Germany. A tender chicken schnitzel inside a crusty sub roll with lettuce, mayo, lemon juice, and mustard. A simple and delicious sandwich that can be made with leftovers if desired! Goes perfectly with a beer and a handful of chips.

Danielle’s Fattoush Salad

10 July 2019

My personal take on Lebanese fattoush salad. A refreshing and healthy salad with lots of flavor. To make this salad into a hearty meal, add strips of grilled chicken or white fish. Makes a great side dish to any Middle Eastern or Mediterranean-style cuisine.