Irish Shamrock Cookies

4 May 1999

These green cookies are delicious anytime of the year. Make some green frosting for these cookies using a sugar cookie icing recipe found on

Petticoat Tails

3 May 1999

Quite delicious! Very delicate and dainty. Petticoat Tails can be tinted, use a few drops of red food coloring for pink cookies or a few drops of green for a minty green cookie (add mint flavoring).

Langues de Chat

21 May 1998

These cookies are called ‘cat’s tongues’. They are easy to make. This is a French recipe, but it has already been converted to conventional measurements.

Irish Potatoes

20 May 1998

Small, no-bake cookies that look like potatoes. It’s fast and easy.

Jumbo Raisin Cookies

6 January 1998

Juicy raisins are the star in these popular cookies! They’re great as a snack with coffee.

Cream Cheese Kolacky

12 December 1997

The dough for these cookies is what makes them exceptional. I always quadruple this recipe for the holidays. Most popular fillings are peach, apricot, raspberry and date. Use your imagination! This year I’m trying Michigan cherry preserves and cranberry marmalade. You better hide a few for Christmas day–these are the ones that go first!