Lemon Pie with Rice Chex® Crust

19 June 2020

A flourless crust is a Passover tradition. It’s said that when the Jews escaped from slavery in Egypt, they left so quickly they couldn’t wait for their bread to rise. Ever since then, they’ve marked that exodus by baking without flour and leavening agents like yeast.

Silky Gingerbread Pie

19 June 2020

With a filling that’s silky-smooth, this pie lets you enjoy classic gingerbread flavors in a whole new way.

Pomegranate Chicken

9 April 2020

Basting a chicken with a sweet pomegranate reduction makes a lovely dish for Seder.

Moroccan Carrot Dip

10 July 2019

Carrot dip may sound unusual, but this Mediterranean-style blend is a perfect balance of sweet and spicy, and a nice change of pace from hummus. It’s delicious with pita bread or pita chips.

Cinnamon Yum Cake

8 June 2018

The name says it all! White wine keeps the cake flavorful and moist, and walnuts on top add a little crunch.

Kiwi-Lime Pops

13 May 2017

Blend fresh kiwi with lime juice and freeze for a summertime treat.

Sandy’s Tzimmes

1 March 2017

One translation of ‘tzimmes’ is ‘a big fuss,’ but this simple recipe is anything but.